Neff Kitchens
NEFF Kitchens - The Art of Beautiful Living - Specializes in crafting customized kitchens, interiors, bathrooms, and wardrobes that surpass the essence of time.



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Everyday we strive to reinterpret beautiful living spaces, and cultivate solutions that embody emotions and functions as equal importance.


Since the creation of our family business in 1966, we have been motivated by the same idea: to craft Beautiful Living spaces. We continue to set a high caliber of the industry standards in variety of customer planning selections, sophisticated design, or high skilled workmanship and timeless materials, but also in our “personal feeling”. Over the past 50 years, we have grown into a vibrant corporation employing over 100 hard-working team members. We have always treated employees as family and recognize the importance of relationships. Overtime, we have always valued innovative and traditional craftsmanship. NEFF’s objectives are to make your life easier, and to teach clients to live in desired harmony – Beautiful Living.



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